Photos and Facets

This past weekend, Scott Kelby (Mr Photoshop) held the Fourth Annual Worldwide Photowalk. It was my second one to attend and what a blast it was!

For the second year in a row, I walked the streets of Mineral Wells, Texas. There is so much history and mystique in that little town – how could I not go back?! And besides, when I heard that Peter Talke was going on this walk and seeing that I’ve secretly been following his photos and blog for a while now (along with a handful of others from the Austin area), I just had to go! *Note to self: you never know who is secretly following your work, so always be nice. Me? Not nice? Not possible, right?

OK, back to my story…

I was originally going to be out-of-town on the weekend of the photowalk and was not having success at finding one…

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Math Energy

“Using Math Manipulatives and Games as a bridge to Learning”

Last mondays guest speaker was Barbara Jo Evans, an Education Consultant for ETA Cuisenaire. Barbara spoke of using math manipulatives as an innovative way to teach math using shapes, games, and technology. Some of these methods were versatiles, snap cubs,  and the “Happy Meal“. 

Here are some cool Websites and Wikis that you can go to for more information:

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Marathon Sweetheart

I went to the gym after class

for a tumble on the old dreadmill, while I watched the Amanda Knox verdict.  I’ve followed this case for years, and I don’t really know why, but I feel like I was part of an important moment in world history … where the justice system prevailed.  It was awe-inspiring to be running & watching the news.  MOTIVATION.

I’ve been sick for about a week now,

which has really cut into my running.  I ran TWO times last week.  Just plain awful.  I wanted to do more, but my runny/congested nose wouldn’t let me breathe.  Today was a little better.  I carried a few kleenex with me and blew my nose while I was running.  I got a dozen few awkward stares for that!  Ha ha. 7 miles and 61 minutes later, I had this blaring sinus headache.  Owch

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