Photos and Facets

This past weekend, Scott Kelby (Mr Photoshop) held the Fourth Annual Worldwide Photowalk. It was my second one to attend and what a blast it was!

For the second year in a row, I walked the streets of Mineral Wells, Texas. There is so much history and mystique in that little town – how could I not go back?! And besides, when I heard that Peter Talke was going on this walk and seeing that I’ve secretly been following his photos and blog for a while now (along with a handful of others from the Austin area), I just had to go! *Note to self: you never know who is secretly following your work, so always be nice. Me? Not nice? Not possible, right?

OK, back to my story…

I was originally going to be out-of-town on the weekend of the photowalk and was not having success at finding one…

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