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Free Faranak Farid. 

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This is a summary of what the whole Targa trip amounted to for me.

I left NC on September 1, knowing that I would have to be in North Sydney, Nova Scotia on the night of September 5, in order to catch a ferry to Argentia, Newfoundland.  I expect to more or less take my time.  That first day I was actually planning to stop somewhere just after NYC, but when I reached the Connecticut border I discovered that hurricane Irene had taken out power on just about all the coastal towns along I-95.  I drove east to Mystic before I finally found a hotel that was not full of people without power, or the trucks of work crews there to restore power and take care of downed trees.  By that time of night I was just happy to get a place to sleep.

I always expect delays going through Washington, D.C., and New…

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