Almost a quarter of consumers are being influenced by deals to go out to eat rather than stay in with a takeaway, research has revealed.

Allegra Strategies quizzed over 2,000 consumers for its How Britain Eats 2011 report and found that 22% of the British public choose eating out using ‘meal for two’ deals over takeaways due to the value on offer.

It found that the frequency of eating out for dinner has remained the same as 2010, while lunch has seen an increase in 2011.

The report also revealed that as consumers seek out value thay are less loyal, with only 19% admitting to frequenting a favourite establishment.

When they do go out, respondents said they preferred Italian cuisine to any other. The sector has seen growth of 4% during 2011, with 2,388 restaurants now across the UK, according to Allegra.

However, the majority also claim to be adventurous…

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