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You Have to Get Up Early
Foggy Start to The Tour

There’s a lot of car stuff going on around Monterey leading up to the third Sunday in August. None of it would exist without the little car show they’ve held at the Pebble Beach Golf Links for 60 years.

It’s such an American event, with its celebration of the flamboyant, expensive and sometimes outrageous in automotive design, (and its sheer size now – there were over 1,200 credentialled journalists alone this year) yet it betrays a self-conscious need for global validation in the French name they stuck it with – Concours d’Elegance, or “Contest of Elegance.”

They couldn’t change it now if they wanted to, but there is no longer any question of its status. Few dispute its rank as the foremost venue for bestowing legitimacy upon the quality of your show car. Every aspect of the operation drips with that now-rare quality, class. Just to…

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