Well I was with my wife and son at the hospital overnight.  Xavier is eating like crazy which I guess can be expected from a 9lb baby!  My wife is very sore and is having trouble getting around however is optimistic about being able to do her normal activities soon.  If all goes as planned they will be coming home tomorrow morning.  The trick then will be to keep my 3yr old daughter and 1yr old daughter off of mommy as they are obviously used to being held by mommy at least a little.  That is where my job comes in.  So it should be tough but I will be happy to have the whole family at home.  Janice (mother in law) is staying in town for a couple more days which should help as well.

The other thing I am working on is calculating the effectiveness of moving my Prosper loans.  For example: If I can make 2% profit on a loan and only hold it for 30 days what does that compound to yearly vs. holding it (we’ll say 21 days) and profiting 1.7%.  I am going to get far more detailed per loan trying to maximize my profit while minimizing risk.  I imagine that is the goal for everyone.

The NFL started last night which means fantasy football started as well!  How did I end up facing Aaron Rodgers in both of my leagues??  Anyhow I checked in on the stats early 2nd quarter to find he had already thrown for 3 TD’s.  Fortunatly he ended with 3 as well so that saved the rest of the week for me!  Didn’t get to watch any of the game but I did keep updated on the stats 🙂

That is all for today!  Time to spend time with my two daughters and hopefully get to take a nap with them as well…I love nap time!