Well I decided to start writing a blog based on the game Empire Ave.  I don’t currently have a key topic or whatnot so I figured I would just list some things about me.  My wife and I just had our 1st baby boy – Xavier.  He was born on 9/7/2011 – We have two daughters – Victoria 12/15/2007 and Katherine 3/23/2009.  With all the excitement in the house I am sure I will be able to find things to write about.  In addition to this I have a great desire to find a way to retire prior to turning 40.  Currently I am 31 and am confident I can do it.  I don’t see any reason why I should spend most of my life and key years of my children lives working and missing great milestones.  Outside of that my focus is constantly on spending time with my kids and working on reducing expenses and increasing income.  I just was hired on full time to a company that is a leader in making diesel engines and overtime abounds so I should be able to raise some decent capital there.  That is all for now!  Until we meet again 🙂